Mediation clients coordinate the first Mediation Session with Jane Maughan by contacting us by telephone or email to schedule an appointment. All meetings and communications in mediation cases involve both parties. If you and your spouse/partner can agree to try mediation, you will learn more about the process at the first session. Often considerable progress toward settlement is made at the first Mediation Session. Our first session is 90 minutes and subsequent follow up sessions are 1 hour.

Initial Consultations for Divorce, Custody and Support

Initial consultations for Divorce, Support and Custody usually can be scheduled within 2 to 3 weeks of your first call to us. Our court schedule and existing appointments often do not permit immediate scheduling for new clients but we will do our best to expedite your Initial Consultation.

Once Jane Maughan has met with a potential client, she cannot accept the case as a mediation case because mediation cases must involve the active participation of both parties from the outset. If you are considering mediation, please be sure to explore that option with your spouse/partner before scheduling an Initial Consultation—and schedule a Mediation Session instead.

How to Schedule

Email us from our Contact Us page to start the scheduling process. You will receive a prompt response with a short identification disclosure form that you will fill out and return to us. That form will also provide you with additional information on our scheduling and intake processes. We look forward to assisting you.