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Pennsylvania Family Law Mediator

Jane Roach is qualified to serve as a court appointed family law mediator in Northeastern, Pennsylvania.

Jane Roach Maughan is an effective and successful mediator in family law matters. She is particularly effective in complex divorce and custody cases. Jane works well with clients who have attorneys and also offers mediation services to clients who choose to mediate without hiring separate counsel.

How Mediation Works

Lawyer mediators do not represent either client individually.  Instead, acting as a neutral adviser, lawyer mediators  share legal advice with both parties and assist them in the negotiation of a resolution. Mediators sometimes prepare the necessary paperwork to memorialize the clients’ agreements and to finalize divorce. Or sometimes, at the conclusion of the mediation process, the parties have their separate lawyers prepare the final documents to insure separate and independent legal advice from their own lawyers.

At Jane Maughan, P.C. we have found that most mediated family law matters are resolved with fewer than three mediation sessions. Often the parties achieve a mediated settlement in the first session.

Qualified to Serve as a Court Appointed Family Law Mediator

Jane is one of the few mediators in Northeastern Pennsylvania who is qualified to serve as a court appointed family law mediator. Over the past ten years she has completed extensive training in at the Center for Conflict Resolution in New York City, at the University of Baltimore School of Law, and with the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts in Florida. In addition, in order to secure the qualifications required of court appointed family law mediators, Jane completed a  practicum under the supervision of a certified mediator for the Court of Common Pleas of Lackawanna County.

Involved in the Mediation Community

Jane is an active member of the Pennsylvania Council of Mediators. By appointment of the President of the Pennsylvania Bar Association, Jane serves on the Pennsylvania Bar Association Alternative Dispute Resolution Committee.

Contact Jane Roach Maughan

If you would like to explore mediation for your family law matter, contact Jane Maughan at (570) 421-7009 or via email.

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